Borewell drillers in hyderabad

Borewell drillers in hyderabad

My borewells providing best borewell drillers in Hyderabad,

Types of Borewell Drilling?
there are two types of borewell drilling machines. 4.1/5 and 6.1/5. The difference between the both is dia and depth. If we use 4.1/5 drilling machine we can only drill up to 650 feets we can’t do more than that if we go for 6.1/5 we can drill up to 2000 feets. Compare to 4.1/5, -6.1/5 borewell price is less. 4.1/5 is used for small constructions, and already constructed houses and 6.1/5 will be utilized maximum open plots and commercial purpose.

Types of casing?
There are different types of casings
5inch casing.
7inch casing.
10-inch casing.
special casing.

casing manufacturers are Nandini and to Nandini, Sudhakar cost is high
prices will depend on the manufacturers

borewell drillers in hyderabad
borewell drillers in hyderabad

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